Vanessa Bryant may have to undergo psychiatric exam

Vanessa Bryant will have to submit to a psychiatric exam if Los Angeles County has its way. The county’s legal team is striking back at the widow of the late legendary Kobe Bryant after she filed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit after deputies flashed and disseminated photos of the helicopter crash scene that killed her husband and […]

Kash Doll robbed while filming music video in LA

Raptress Kash Doll was reportedly robbed of hundreds of thousands of dollars while she was away filming a music video in Los Angeles County. The 29-year-old emcee, whose real name is Arkeisha Antoinette Knight, told police that a thief made off with about half a million dollars worth of jewelry that she had stashed away […]

Investigators reveal what Tiger Woods was doing before horrific crash

Investigators have revealed the cause of Tiger Woods’ horrific rollover car crash in February. Woods was driving at almost double the speed limit when he crashed, a probe into his accident has found. The golfing pro suffered multiple leg injuries after his car hit the curb and flipped over several times in a crash earlier […]

Los Angeles woman dragged from home by cops while nude and menstruating

A California woman has filed a civil rights lawsuit against the County of Los Angeles after she was allegedly forced out of her home at gunpoint, while nude and on her menstrual cycle in July 2019, according to NBC Los Angeles. To make matters worse, the woman’s younger sister and 5-year-old son were present, as […]

Some Los Angeles inmates intentionally trying to contract coronavirus (video)

In one of the craziest scenarios yet concerning the novel coronavirus, multiple Los Angeles County Jail inmates were captured on film deliberately trying to contract COVID-19. According to the Los Angeles Times, the inmates believe if they come down with the virus, they will greatly increase their chances of being granted an early release from […]

Police say man raps about killing girlfriend before murdering her and witness

Police claim to be in possession of a video posted online where a man rapped about murdering and burying his girlfriend before he allegedly killed her and a witness. The Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office announced that Robert Anthony Camou, 27, is being charged in the murder of his girlfriend Amanda Custer in Monrovia, California, […]

Parents of Mitrice Richardson to Receive $900,000 in Wrongful Death Settlement

Patrons at Geoffrey’s, a trendy Malibu, Calif., restaurant overlooking the Pacific Ocean, were among the last few people to see Mitrice Richardson alive. After she went missing in the Malibu hills, those who remembered seeing her eating at Geoffrey’s alone said she “behaved strangely.” Richardson left the restaurant without paying the bill and was subsequently […]

Kelly Price Joins Los Angeles County’s Komen For the Cure in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

The Susan G. Komen for the Cure® Los Angeles County Affiliate, part of the world’s largest breast cancer advocacy organization, announced a partnership with Grammy Award nominated recording artist and long-time breast cancer awareness advocate, Kelly Price.  Susan G. Komen for the Cure® is the world’s leader in breast cancer research, awareness, and education. Like […]