Luvvie bans R. Kelly from entering the ‘Black Panther’ world of Wakanda

R. Kelly apparently won’t be accepted in the world of Wakanda. The Twitter account for the Atlanta Airport tweeted an image of the flight with the hashtag #WakandaForever. Following the post, thousands retweeted the image and it was liked by over 30k people. One of those people who liked the post was R. Kelly. The […]

My Black is Beautiful reps discuss overcoming cultural stigmas

Ten years ago, My Black is Beautiful was created by a handful of Black Procter & Gamble associates who represented a small percentage of its corporate infrastructure. The bold bunch stepped out of their nine-to-five setting to advocate for Black women who have continuously been made to feel inferior by society. “I so appreciate this platform […]

Luvvie Ajayi hosts ‘Empire’ watch party in Chicago

“Empire” still stands as the hottest show on television. Millions gather around their televisions, phones, tablets and laptops to see what Cookie is wearing and also see who will catch the wrath of Lucious Lyon. It’s all classic. People actually schedule events to watch the show and experience it in real time with family and friends. Social media […]