Kelly Price and Biz Markie perform at Heineken Red Star Access day party

I like Sundays, I like the day time and I like parties. So, Imagine how excited I was to hear that Heineken was sponsoring a day party featuring Biz Markie and Kelly Price at The Mid Chicago. The event was jam-packed, green bottles were everywhere, and Mark Fuller was doing what he does best — […]

CIMM Fest: Review of ‘808’

For the past decade Chicago has been an epicenter of filmmaking and in many instances the majestic skyline of the city has served as the main character in a long list of movies. We have entered into film festival season. Festivals like Canne, Tribeca and SXSW are a few of the most well-known, however CIMM […]

Chicago returns Rahm Emanuel to mayor’s office; Sprint helps

The results are in and Rahm Emanuel has won his second term as mayor of Chicago. This was the first mayoral runoff to ever happen in the history of Chicago politics. The campaigning from Jesus “Chuy” Garcia and Rahm Emanuel was fierce and contentious. Mayor Emanuel pulled out the big guns in order to create the […]

Saving is not for suckers; what is a 401K?

Saving money is not for suckers; I don’t care what Dame Dash says. In the real world many of us have jobs and we are employed by companies that help to provide the means to support our families and ourselves. Making the right decision when it comes to choosing a career comes down to a […]

Top 5 ways to get financially fit

A few years ago I participated in a fitness program that helped me lose 30 pounds. For the record I gained it all back, an explanation for that is for a different post. Recently I completed a Ten Day Celebrity cleanse and lost 10 pounds. That’s pretty awesome right? I think it is and I […]

Watching TV while Black: The ‘Empire’ ‘Scandal’

OK, I get it. “The Cosby Show is no longer on television. Serious allegations are swirling around someone many considered the nations dad. Positive representation of African Americans are almost nonexistent. The Oscars are too white, according to most media outlets, and Iggy Azalea and Macklemore are stealing hip-hop. OK, I get it! The truth of […]