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Lyor Cohen, Kevin Liles announce new content company 300, deal with Atlantic

Former Warner Music Group chief Lyor Cohen has announced the official launch of his new “content company,” 300. Cohen, alongside former WMG notables Kevin Liles and Todd Moscowitz are looking to spark a revolution in the way the music industry operates. All three men have long ties in the industry and as colleagues: Moscowitz is the ex-president of Warner Bros, Liles was formerly the executive vice president. All three men also worked together at Def Jam.

Asher Roth is mad: 10 major label rappers who had minor-level careers

Asher Roth was riding high off the success of his single “I Love College” back in 2009, and after signing with Universal/Motown, he released his debut album, Asleep In the Bread Aisle. But since signing with Def Jam, his sophomore album has yet to be released and he complained in a recent interview about his experiences with huge labels.

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