Graphic video animation shows  gender reassignment surgery for men

[jwplatform JnSWoofg] If you have ever wondered how gender reassignment surgery is performed on a man, look no further. A recent video put out by the European Society of Urology, shows exactly how the surgery is performed. Despite the pleasant acoustic guitar music, the video may be uncomfortable for a man to watch.

The struggle of transgender inmate Ashley Diamond

[jwplatform mHfqeYNs] Ashley Diamond was a transgender inmate in Georgia. She was recently released after filing a lawsuit over her rape, torture and neglect while in prison. Hear in her own words her struggle from a smuggled video.

Georgia releases transgender inmate Ashley Diamond after rape and torture

The struggle of being a transgender inmate in a Georgia correctional facility is something few can understand. For Ashley Diamond it was a living nightmare that included multiple rapes, mental torture and medical neglect. Diamond was sentenced to serve 11 years for non-violent crimes that included theft, obstruction and escape convictions. During this time period […]