Who is Adrian Peterson’s son’s alleged murderer, Joseph Robert Patterson? (photos)

The man identified as the suspected murderer of Adrian Peterson’s son, Joseph Robert Patterson, has a long history of violence against women and children. Police have yet to reveal a motive or what could have precipitated the brutal beating of the superstar NFL running back’s son, Ty Doheen, last week in Souix Falls, S.D. Authorities […]

Adrian Peterson never even knew his dead son

Adrian Peterson didn’t even know the 2-year-old son who was beaten to death by the man who is dating his ex-girlfriend. Peterson never had an opportunity to meet the boy before he succumbed to his injury, the media reports. Turns out that Adrian Peterson had recently learned only he was the father of a 2-year-old boy […]

Celebrities offer Adrian Peterson condolences for fatally beaten son

The most crushing and heartbreaking of heinous crimes, the mindless murder of defenseless children, sent violent shockwaves across a vast swath of the American populace and brought them to their collective knees. Rank-and-file Americans along with celebrities, dignitaries, athletes, entertainers, actors, singers, civic leaders all halted in the tracks of their hectic schedules when they […]

Adrian Peterson’s son dies from brutal beating

The youngest son of Minnesota Vikings superstar running back Adrian Peterson died on Friday in a Sioux Falls, S.D., hospital, after being brutally beating by the man dating the boy’s mother, police confirmed. He was 2 years old. Peterson met with the media Friday, hours before the boy passed away, and said at the time […]

Adrian Peterson’s son in critical condition after severe beating; Twitter reacts

Superstar NFL running back Adrian Peter’s son remains in critical condition today in a Sioux Falls, S.D., hospital after being severely beaten. Peterson, the Minnesota Vikings record-breaking tailback, left the team temporarily when his 2-year old son showed signs at the hospital of being pummeled by the man who is dating the mother of the child, […]