Ji-Tu Cumbuka, ‘Roots’ actor, dies in Atlanta at 77

Ji-Tu Cumbuka, an actor, writer, and producer best known for his role as “Wrestler” on the original miniseries Roots, has died in Atlanta, Georgia at the age of 77. Cumbuka was born in Helena, Arkansas in 1940 into a strict religious household. His father was a Baptist minister and believed acting was the devil’s work. […]

Conviction overturned for former college student accused of spreading HIV  

In 2013, a college wrestler named Michael Johnson became what has been called by some the scapegoat of HIV infection. Johnson was a student at Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri and was quite popular on campus and in the majority White town. Friends knew him by the nickname Tiger Mandingo, a name he used […]

Top 12 films that dared to tackle slavery

Due to the recent success of Quentin Tarantino’s new controversial film, Django Unchained, we at rolling out want to make note of other great movies, who in their time, dared to tackle slavery. While Django Unchained may showcase a more modern slave narrative, mixed with Western bravado, filled to the brim with raw, bloody gunfights; […]

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