Jada Pinkett Smith tells daughter Willow how she pleasured herself at young age

Jada Pinkett Smith has been coming hard (no pun intended) with her celebrated and wildly popular Facebook Watch series “Red Table Talk.” The wife of Will Smith has been sharing some shockingly intimate details about her sexual past with her daughter, including the art of self pleasuring as a precocious prepubescent. The Matrix actress, 46, […]

Why O.J. Simpson won parole

After serving nine years of a 33-year sentence, former NFL star O.J. Simpson will soon be a free man. Simpson’s parole hearing was broadcast live today and the Nevada Department of Parole and Probation unanimously voted to free the former superstar athlete.The board felt that he had served enough time, was a low risk to commit another […]

Prison won’t confirm O.J. Simpson was masturbating; parole hearing today

Yesterday, multiple news outlets picked up on the story first published by well-known Daily Mail online. Daily Mail stated in an exclusive that OJ Simpson’s parole may be in jeopardy after he was caught masturbating in his Nevada prison cell by a female corrections officer.” The article ignited a social media wildfire as other well-known […]

OJ Simpson caught violating prison sex rules, parole in jeopardy

Former NFL star O.J. Simpson has been reportedly caught red-handed violating prison rules by a female corrections officer. According to The Daily Mail, Simpson was observed by the corrections officer masturbating in his prison cell which is against the rules. Brook Keast, a public information officer for the Nevada Department of Corrections, said that an […]

Amber Rose claims masturbation is the secret to her glow

Amber Rose is undeniably one of the most sex-positive celebrities in Hollywood right now and she never shies away about the chance to discuss her sex life with her fans. So it comes as no surprise that when Rose recently discussed her skin care secrets in an interview she claimed that her glowing skin is […]

Amber Rose has masturbation tips for her fans

Amber Rose

Amber Rose is one of the entertainment world’s most sex positive women and she’s never been shy about discussing her sex life or just talking about sex with her fans on shows like “Loveline with Amber Rose” or her self-titled talk show. Most recently, Rose’s sex talk gained headline attention when she discussed the topic of […]

Horse loving oral sex fiend caught in the act

It’s almost too disturbing to be true but unfortunately it is. A Wausau, Wisconsin, man was apprehended by police in the act of performing oral sex on a horse. Jared Kreft, 30, was arrested by police who were responding to an intruder call at a barn. When police arrived, they found Kreft dressed in a […]

The 10 best ways to protect yourself from HIV

The HIV virus continues to proliferate and everyone wants to protect themselves from it. But a lot of people are at a loss for ways to accomplish this goal. Rolling out has 10 suggestions on protecting yourself from HIV:Dental Dam Like condoms, dental dams come in different flavors. These are used primarily for oral sex, […]

Outrageous! American Apparel Tshirt showcases masturbation and menstruation

Confuse me?!?! Clothing retailer American Apparel has collaborated with Toronto-born artist Petra Collins, 20. She curated The Ardorous, an-all female online platform featuring T-shirts. She’s designed one screen-printed power washed tee featuring a woman’s chest wearing a wet tee and the most confusing of the collection is the one featuring a woman masturbating during menstruation, […]