Mathew Knowles claims Jagged Edge members harassed Beyoncé as a teen

Beyonce’s dad has claimed she and Kelly Rowland were sexually harassed by members of Jagged Edge. Mathew Knowles claimed the incident took place when the two groups toured together in the early 2000s and he had to “put the guys off the bus” in order to diffuse the situation. Not naming the alleged perpetrators, the former […]

Roland Martin, Mathew Knowles encourage Black investment in cannabis industry

Easily one of the most anticipated breakout sessions during the first day of RIDE Con 2019, “Bangi: Cannabis Land — Access and Ownership,” featured a trio of cannabis investors – Roland Martin, Matthew Knowles and Ryan Mack. Each provided indispensable knowledge for budding entrepreneurs in the industry. Bangi (pronounced bon-ghee) means “marijuana” or “hemp” in […]

Mathew Knowles says Beyoncé benefitted from light skin; Kelly Rowland suffered

Last year, Beyoncé’s father Mathew Knowles talked about how colorism impacted his outlook on the world and was a determining factor in choosing his wife, Tina Lawson. During an interview on the “Clay Cane Show” on Sirius XM, the mastermind behind the Destiny’s Child phenomenon said confidently that Queen Bey would not have been as […]

Solange Knowles facing tax woes

In a theme we see time and time again, Solange Knowles is the latest star to end up on the wrong end of tax problems According to TMZ, Knowles owes about $55,000 in back taxes to the state of California for unpaid taxes from 2010 through 2012. It is being reported that Knowles was notified of […]

Happy Birthday! 33 years of the cutest Beyoncé throwback photos

Celebrating another year of life and blessings, Beyoncé Knowles-Carter is turning 33 years old today, Sept. 4. Born in 1981, and raised in Houston, Texas, Beyoncé has had a life most could only dream about. She has a successful career since she was young, a loving family, Matthew, Tina and Solange Knowles, a devoted husband, Jay Z, a […]

Mathew Knowles’ baby mama on food stamps; he hasn’t paid child support

Beyoncé’s father, Mathew Knowles, is allegedly so far behind on child support payments to the mother of his child that she is now destitute and has to revert to food stamps to sustain herself. Alexsandra Wright  hasn’t reportedly seen a red cent from Mathew Knowles since TMZ posted the story back in December when he allegedly […]

Gospel singer blasts Mathew Knowles for being a ‘crook,’ later retracts statement

Le’Andria Johnson blasts Matthew Knowles  A disgruntled gospel star seemingly went on a Twitter rant this week against Beyoncé’s record executive dad. On Friday, Le’Andria Johnson of “Sunday Best” fame seemed none too pleased with Mathew Knowles and publicly ripped into him online. “Matthew Knowels [sic] is a crook and I want out!” wrote Johnson, […]

Industry celeb dad and daughter combos

The bond between father and daughter is unique, irreplaceable and should be cherished. Being a father is a stressful job but add to the equation a beautiful and multi-talented daughter and it might seem impossible. The fathers we highlighted make it look effortless as they’ve raised some of our favorite celebrity women that are truly role […]

Mathew Knowles Files Lawsuit Against Live Nation; Claims Defamation of Character

Mathew Knowles, former manager and father of singer Beyonce, filed a lawsuit against Live Nation Entertainment last week after he claims they falsely accused him of stealing money from his daughter throughout her career, which resulted in Beyonce firing him soon after. However, when the split was first announced, Mathew insisted that there was no […]

Mathew Knowles Denies Stealing From Beyoncé

Beyoncé shocked the world earlier this year when it was announced that she’d cut business ties with her father and former manager Mathew Knowles. And although many believed the split to be amicable, Knowles has now filed legal papers showing otherwise, alleging that his daughter is under the impression that he stole money from her. […]

Matthew Knowles Hit With IRS Tax Lien, Disputes Bill

Music executive Matthew Knowles has generated millions of dollars as the former manager of Beyoncé Knowles and Destiny’s Child, but now the multimillion-dollar mogul may be in a bit of financial trouble after the IRS hit Knowles with a $12,000 tax lien, which Knowles is now disputing. According to, the state of California filed the […]

Mathew Knowles Discusses Split With Beyoncé

After it was announced weeks ago that Beyoncé had cut management ties with her father, Mathew Knowles, many wondered exactly what caused the split and if things were still peaceful between the two. Now, Matthew is giving more insight into the split, claiming it was an amicable and strategic move that will benefit both parties. […]