MediaTakeOut founder Fred M launches kids’ app founder, entrepreneur and attorney, Fred Mwangaguhunga, recently launched a new app for kids that serves as a YouTube alternative. The idea for stems from YouTube’s recent split from Amazon and the consequential loss of key advertisers and millions of viewers. As of Jan. 1, millions of Amazon Fire Stick subscribers no longer have access to […]

MediaTakeOut apologizes to Kim Kardashian

Many celebrities have blasted the gossip website MediaTakeOut over the years for reporting everything from alleged frivolous rumors to the intimate details of their private lives. For the most part, celebs have just turned the other cheek after claiming the site posted lies and rumors about them. But that wasn’t the case recently after the […]

‘Playboy’ sues MediaTakeOut over nude pics of Azealia Banks

Looks like popular gossip blog MediaTakeOut has really stepped in it this time. On Sept 8.)the site was hit with a lawsuit from Playboy magazine for failing to get permission before reposting nude photos of rapper Azealia Banks from their April 2015 issue. The lawsuit, which was filed in a New York City court, claims […]

Video vixen Sally Ferreira suing 50 Cent over social media diss

50 Cent may have found himself in legal hot water after going off on Twitter. The hip-hop star blasted video model Sally Ferreira last month on the popular social network. 50 has claimed that Ferreira has been claiming that the two are an item and also accused her of sharing behind-the-scenes photos from a March 23 music video shoot for the song “Big Rich Town”

Lil’ Kim slams popular gossip blog for distorted photos

Lil Kim has been making great strides in music and business lately, but you would never know if you checked some of your favorite gossip blogs.  As Kim made rounds in New York city promoting her new artist, Tiffany Foxx, the Grammy Award-winning rapper was photographed while leaving the set of  MTV’s popular Rap-Fix Live where Sway […]

Top 10 Celebrity Entertainment Stories of Summer 2012

With a new season comes new celebrity drama.  Chad and Evelyn got together long enough to cause a ruckus splitting up, Chris Brown is now considered the young Stevie J, and Amber Rose finally announced something we’ve all been suspecting for months.  Just recently, Fred Mwangaguhunga, owner of stopped by the breakfast club to talk […]

Kanye West Slams Media TakeOut During Concert

Kanye West has never been one to mince his words or hold his tongue when it comes to speaking his mind. In fact, the outspoken emcee has publically taken aim at everyone from George W. Bush to Taylor Swift to the whole cast of “Saturday Night Love.” So, it comes as no surprise that West […]