Mega Millions jackpot: Top 25 ignorant things to do after you win

With the Mega Millions drawing near, it’s hard not to stop and think about the many things you would do with $360 million dollars. Of course, we think about things such as taking care of our family and saving for our future, but you know we couldn’t help but to spend a couple million on […]

McDonald’s Mega Millions Winner Says She Can’t Find Her $105 Million Ticket

The McDonald’s worker who claimed she won $105 million in last week’s Mega Millions jackpot, now says she’s lost the wining ticket. Mirlande Wilson, a 37-year-old mother of seven, told the New York Post that she has no idea where she put the ticket that could earn her $5.5 million a year for 26 years. […]

Mega Millions Jackpot Won in Kansas, Illinois and Maryland

The $640 million Mega Millions jackpot will be split at least three ways as ticket holders in Kansas, Illinois and Maryland all selected the winning numbers for the world record-breaking lottery, officials said early Saturday.  Illinois’ winning ticket was sold in the small town of Red Bud, near St. Louis, and the winner used a […]

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