What men look for in a woman

Last week, I focused on what women look for in a man. So, of course, I had to share what men look for in a good woman this week. Even though a woman’s physical attributes are the first thing they notice, but when it comes to settling down, men look at more than just your […]

10 ways to please a woman

Valentine’s Day is approaching and women are already mentally planning out what they would like to do, what they want their man to buy them, and where they will be dining out that night. So men, here are 10 tips to please your woman and for those who are single, maybe you should take notes. […]

10 Things Smart Black Men Find Attractive About Women Other Than Looks

Yes, ladies … black men are like other men in that we are simple creatures. We see with the eyes and are impacted by your physical being first. You were created in such a way as to be attractive to us. But once we get past the initial physical attraction, there are attributes and intangibles […]

Kanye West Working on a High-End Fashion Line in Paris

Kanye West has already branded himself as an avant-garde producer and rapper, grandiose media persona and imaginative storyteller and fashion fiend. And now the G.O.O.D. music chief is attempting to brand himself as a designer and is reportedly working on a high-end fashion line in Paris. According to an unnamed source for the U.K.’s The […]