Christian Louboutin’s best men’s sneakers

Christian Louboutin has made a name for himself with his famous red bottom shoes. Not only do the ladies love his brand but he caters to men as well. Whether you are into ankle high sneakers, low sneakers, studded or snakeskins, Louboutin has a pair for you. Check out the best mens red bottoms in the […]

Celebrity Instagram: Hot sneaker trends for men

Celebrity men might not be heavy on selfies, but they’re feet get a lot of attention. Celebrity Instagram is filled with men who love to show off their high-end fashion pieces, jewelry, and of course, their favorite sneaker trends. While Puma and Reebok have a strong hand in marketing many of today’s popular hip-hop stars, […]

Dope men’s sneakers on Instagram by Dailysole

Dailysole is the official Instagram account for, a site created for sneaker heads who are into collecting. ‘For collectors, part of the thrill of collecting sneakers is the get. The pursuit is almost as important as actually having the kicks on your feet or stored dead stock in your closet. The journey starts here, with […]