Chris Rock diagnosed with a learning disorder

Chris Rock underwent a grueling “nine hours of tests” to uncover his Nonverbal Learning Disorder (NVLD). The 55-year-old comedian recently revealed he has been diagnosed with the learning disorder — which makes it difficult to understand nonverbal signals made in conversations — and has now said he had to sit through “a battery of tests” […]

Woman killed pregnant friend and cut baby from her womb because she wanted children

A woman in New York did the unthinkable because of her desires to have children. The incident occurred after Ashleigh Wade, 22, used violence against a friend in order to steal her baby. According to the NY Daily News, Wade attended elementary school with Angelique Sutton and decided to reconnect with her on Facebook. However, Wade’s […]

‘Empire’ connects the dots between mental illness and suicide

Fox’s urban hit “Empire” has received mixed reviews from fans during the second season. While the ratings were astronomical for the first season, the numbers have consistently waned in season two, leaving viewers frustrated with over-the-top storylines, including violence, homophobia and mental illness.  Fans have collectively complained about storylines lacking development, suggesting the simple approach to complex […]