50 Cent speaks about his misogynistic lyrics and feud with Oprah Winfrey

50 Cent thinks his lyrics are misogynistic. The 44-year-old rap star agrees with the view that his music is prejudiced against women — but he also thinks that, like any artist, he should be free to express himself. He told The Guardian newspaper: “They are misogynistic, but the world is not under the same circumstances. “Are […]

Tyrese apologizes for bashing women

Tyrese was all over the headlines and the internet this past week as women across the country blasted the controversial singer after he criticized women’s appearance and sexuality. Tyrese’s bashing even garnered the attention of talk show host Wendy Williams, who recently took a shot at him and implied that he’s gay. Now, Tyrese seems […]

Eminem raps about raping Iggy Azalea, she responds

A new Eminem tracked called “Vegas” hit the Web this week–reportedly, the song is from Em’s forthcoming album, “Shady XV.” But what’s getting the most attention is a line where Em threatens to sexually assault rapper Iggy Azalea.

Nicki Minaj’s backside backlash highlights hip-hop’s hypocrisy

Young Money rapper Nicki Minaj debuted the artwork for her new single “Anaconda.” The racy pic immediately drew attention and criticism: it features Minaj in only a pink bra, some Jordan sneakers, and her infamous backside is prominently featured in only a G-string.

D.L. Hughley, Steve Harvey and selling misogyny as ‘wisdom’

D.L. Hughley weighed in on the topic and proceeded to blast Tanee McCall Short for her role in this unfortunate situation. Referring to Mrs. Short as a “thirsty b—-” and ” thirsty h–,” Hughley stated that, “I think that broad shouldn’t be telling all his business if she gone take him to court.”

Lil Reese’s Beating and Other Shameful Acts of Violence Against Black Women

Yesterday, the media and internet were set ablaze when an old video of Chicago rapper Lil Reese surfaced, showing him and a friend violently punching and stomping his teenage girlfriend into the ground. Although, the young emcee tried to shrug off the swift backlash, he was rightfully bombarded with criticism from media and fans alike. […]

Steve Harvey Asks Hip-Hop to Stop Disrespecting Women

Hip-hop fans have a seen a number of questions brought up about the beloved genre over the past several weeks, including, “is hip-hop ready for a gay artist?” “is ‘ni–a’ now a no-no?” and “should we stop calling women (bad) b—-es?” Well, Frank Ocean may have answered the first question, but the jury is still […]

Mexican Beer Ad Implies African Women Are Animals

I was driving down Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood and had to circle the block for a second look at this bus bench poster. What the hell? This is just wrong on too many levels to believe, but the most glaring offense is the negative message it sends about African women. At first glance, the guy […]