Boxer Adrien Broner tells cheating girlfriend he’s glad their baby died

Last year, flamboyant boxer Adrien Broner was ascending to the top of the boxing world and was seen as the future of the sport. But Broner’s world crumbled when the arrogant boxer lost a big pay-per-view match to Argentina boxer Carlos Maidana and his girlfriend allegedly left his side to be at the side of […]

Funniest memes about boxer Adrien Broner’s humiliating loss

Social media users had a field day torching rising boxing star Adrien Broner after he talked endless trash; he then got thoroughly thumped by Argentina brawler Marcos Maidana. The Floyd Mayweather wanna-be, who calls Pretty Boy Floyd his idol, has talked twice as much trash as the flamboyant Mayweather while accomplishing less than half of […]