Author Mase Harrison hopes to keep youth out of jail with his new book

Not unlike others who grew up in the streets, Mase Harrison has seen and been through a lot. The only difference is that he’s turned his tumultuous story into a message. Read more to learn about his book, The Unsigned Rapper: A Survivor’s Story. What inspired you to write this book? I thought it might’ve been […]

Hope Global Forums: How bullying made Jaden Joiner a CEO

Hope Global Forums 2017 allows vendors to display their goods and expose their brand to an international group of potential customers. Jaden Joiner is the CEO of J Star Sparks Change. He started his company because of being bullied over a speech impediment. [jwplatform EO1t2jZr]

Wednesday motivational video: ‘Driven’

[jwplatform PZMogQXf] Our motivational video Driven was chosen to help you get over #HumpDay- Wednesday. Driven presents the question: “What would you do if failure was not on the table ?” courtesy: youtube/Absolute Motivation

Motivational tips for Monday

Some of us seem to have trouble getting going on Mondays. One reason maybe our busy lives don’t slow down even on the weekends and life can be full of potholes even on the weekend.  You can also add in all the running around we end up doing on the weekend and the last thing […]

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