Black Lives Matter demands accountability for lost lives, but is it working?


By: Kwasi Konadu, Colgate University and Bright Gyamfi, Northwestern University Black Lives Matter has been called the largest civil movement in U.S. history. Since 2013, local BLM chapters have formed nationwide to demand accountability for the killings of dozens of African Americans by police and others. Since the summer of 2020, when tens of millions […]

Michael Brown: Ferguson soldiers on God’s mission

Ferguson soldiers are expressing themselves and educating the public on their revolution’s movement. The most ignorant question around the world is why are they angry? So, the issue is in your face in this young man’s message to the world. He demonstrates courage and commitment that is unashamed and unapologetic. His uniform is created by some […]

Chicago’s hip-hop community is becoming progressively political

There’s a movement afoot among Chicago’s hip-hop community, and it’s not about getting money and shaking a—-. Well … let me rephrase that. It is about money and shaking a—-, but not in the way that most people would think. As the hip-hop generation matures, a once natural disdain for politics and the associated shenanigans […]

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