Myles Garrett suspended for inciting Browns-Steelers brawl (video)

Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett has been suspended indefinitely by the NFL after he tore off the helmet of opponent Mason Rudolph and slammed it down on Rudolph’s head at the end of the Browns’ 21-7 win over the Steelers on Thursday, Nov. 14, 2019. Rudolph, the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback, was opposing Garrett’s aggressiveness on […]

Tears, boos and busts: The story of the 2017 NFL Draft day 1

Day one of the 2017 NFL Draft is in the books and the day came up with no shortage of headlines. Held outdoors for the first time in history, the event was held on the steps of Philadelphia’s Art Museum, the same steps that Rocky Balboa jogged up during his famous training montage in the film […]