Alternative R&B singer Nai Br.xx explains the significance of performing live

Rolling out recently invited alternative R&B artist Nai Br.xx to a live performance. She later shared how performing live helps the songs come alive for her. Her goal is to make music that all people can connect to. Name: Nai Br.xx] Industry: Music City: Atlanta Genre: R&B Favorite Artist: Mariah Carey Describe who Nai Br.xx is in five […]

Art of Listening creates outlet for millennial artists to thrive

Art of Metanoia presented its inaugural concert showcase, The Art of Listening. The show featured millennial artists Marissa, Nai Br.xx, Jaye Newton, Re Lxuise, and was headlined by rolling out‘s On the radar artist, Elhae. The audience was hyped in between sets by the sounds of DJ John J and Decoteau. The entire show was curated […]