White hate group stopped by armed Black activists in Dallas

A well-known White hate group planned to conduct an armed protest at a Texas Mosque. Members of the Bureau of American Islamic Relations, or BAIR, have been showing up at mosques across Texas armed with guns in a show of anti-Muslim hatred to intimidate worshippers. This past Saturday they targeted Nation of Islam Muhammad Mosque […]

South Carolina KKK Confederate flag rally violence underreported

[jwplatform s98ztDb1] New video and images of the recent South Carolina KKK Confederate flag rally show the violence was underreported by the mainstream media. The images from the rally show heated encounters with the KKK and counter protesters. The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, South Carolina Highway patrol and local police definitely had their hands full […]

Black Panthers confronted by white supremacists in Texas

The New Black Panther Party (NBPP) held a rally in Hemphill, Texas near the city of Jasper, Texas calling for justice for the murder of black father Alfred Wright.  The group was joined by National Black United Front (NBUF) and several hundred protesters at the Sabine County seat of government. The county courthouse and administrative […]