Ivan Shammas connects culture and language through his career at Telemundo

Ivan Shammas is general manager and general sales manager for Telemundo Atlanta, a premier Spanish-language station providing award-winning local news and programming to the expansive Latino population in Atlanta. At Telemundo Atlanta, Shammas oversees local and national advertising sales, local programming, local news, marketing, and community affairs initiatives. Shammas has worked in Spanish-language media and […]

Nicki Minaj talks Mariah Carey, returning to ‘Idol,’ and crazy fans

Nicki Minaj has been buzzing in the entertainment gossip scene for her rude and obnoxious behavior towards journalists, her beef with Mariah Carey, and on a lighter note, her awesome new look.  Take a look as Minaj goes deeper into “American Idol,” her relationship with her fans, and of course, Mariah Carey with E! News.