Nicki Minaj talks Mariah Carey, returning to ‘Idol,’ and crazy fans

Nicki Minaj has been buzzing in the entertainment gossip scene for her rude and obnoxious behavior towards journalists, her beef with Mariah Carey, and on a lighter note, her awesome new look.  Take a look as Minaj goes deeper into “American Idol,” her relationship with her fans, and of course, Mariah Carey with E! News.

Shots fired! Nicki Minaj calls Mariah ‘a bitter old woman’ on Twitter

In case you forgot, Nicki Minaj still hates fellow American Idol judge Mariah Carey. After Wednesday night’s lil spat, where Minaj offered Carey a O-tip to “clean out her ears,” Nicki went after the R&B Diva again. This time taking her less than respectful remarks to Twitter. Check out Nicki’s online attack on Carey here. […]

Why ‘American Idol’ Chose Nicki Minaj to Judge

  Top Reasons ‘American Idol’ is Banking on Nicki Minaj “American Idol’s” decision to add Nicki Minaj to their panel of judges may have just been the smartest move that the FOX series has ever made. After a stellar year in ratings perpetuated largely by the career resurrection of Jennifer Lopez, “Idol” producers found themselves […]

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