Cardi B was kicked out of NY hotel for this reason

Rapper and reality star sensation Cardi B is really receiving all-star treatment since she hijacked the Billboard charts last month and became the darling of popular culture. She is not only getting arms-full of accolades – such as at the BET Hip Hop Awards – her every move (or misstep) and that of her camp […]

Rev. Al Sharpton’s statement on revenge killing of NYPD cops

Rev. Al Sharpton has been on the forefront of media coverage during recent protests. Sharpton has also been the focal point of increased criticism by what many on the right believe to be unfair claims and charges of race baiting, Now, with the revenge murder of two NYPD cops, Sharpton has issued the following press […]

Writer Wilkie Cornelius Draws on Personal Experience for His 1st Feature Film

Wilkie Cornelius’ first feature length project delves into the familiar territory of boy meets girl; boy loses girl, and the angst that goes along with that loss. Shot in Brooklyn, the New York filmmaker shows the audience the rich vibrancy of the neighborhood and one man’s story in his search for love. –tony binns Would […]

Gil Noble of ‘Like It Is’ Leaves Awesome Record of Achievement

Gil Noble died Thursday, April 5. Gil Noble was 80 years old and he was the founding producer and host of WABC-TV’s former weekly public affairs series; “Like It Is.” In his 1981 memoir, Black is the Color of My TV Tube, Noble wrote that Malcolm X “taught me the cold, brutal facts of the […]