4 signs you should slide back out of those DMs

Young woman on phone

When someone is interested in you, it is clear. Whether they are verbal with their feelings or express their feelings through their actions, but when those feelings are absent, it may be a little less clear-cut. So here are four signs they’re not that into you and you should probably back out of those DMs […]

Divorced and dating over 40? Tips for finding Mr. Right

Are you ready to date after divorce? We are CEOs of Fortune 500 companies but still can’t figure out the dating game. Have you had a date lately? Don’t use COVID-19 as an excuse as to why the only text messages you’re receiving are from your BFF. Dating after 40 has its challenges, especially if you’re […]

Former ‘Ready to Love’ cast member Jimmy Jones gives women online dating advice

OWN’s hit reality series “Ready to Love” returned this fall with an entirely new cast of 10 single men and 10 single women looking for the ultimate connection. Public opinion has suggested the show’s dynamic is true to the dating landscape in Atlanta as well as other major U.S. cities. However, while the dynamics of […]

Your Mr. Right could be just a click away with online dating

Over the last 10 years, online dating has gone from being something we assumed was reserved for the socially awkward to being a vital part of dating culture. In 2017, online dating is quite possibly one of the most popular if not the most ideal way to meet people if you are looking for a […]

NY man gets 17 years for raping woman he met on Plenty of Fish

So, according to statistics, most American singles are dating online. And, commonly, most online daters don’t encounter real danger while searching for that someone who may be their mate for life. Sadly, such was not the case for a New York woman who stumbled upon sexual predator Kenneth Washington, 36, while she was looking for love on the dating […]

11 tips for online dating

You’re ready to meet someone new, but the club has lost its appeal and you’ve had no luck with blind dates, so what do you do? For many who are dissatisfied with the old-fashioned way of meeting people, online dating has become an acceptable and popular alternative, with the success of Match, eHarmony, Tinder and […]

Man arrested for robbing, assaulting a woman he met on an online dating site

A woman looking for love almost lost her life after going on a date with a man she met on an online dating site. According to reports by The Atlanta Journal-Constituion, the woman, 34, met Dontarius Turner, 22, on badoo.com. The two began to chat on the site and eventually agreed to meet for a meal at […]

Online date for hookup leads to waffles and bullet to face

Using social media is a popular way to meet people for casual hookups. But for one metro Atlanta woman, it was the worst mistake of her life. The woman, whose name is being withheld by police, was on the dating website badoo.com where she met a man who identified himself by the name Cash. She […]

Tricked by online photo, man chokes girlfriend

Cornelius Jefferson, 33, of Monroe, Georgia, decided to try the world of online dating to find his soul mate. The Georgia man eventually met a woman online from Kentucky and after looking at her photo, fell in love. He was so lovestruck that he moved from Georgia to eastern Kentucky to be with his online […]

Man kills online girlfriend because she lied about her age and marital status

A man killed a woman who lied about her age and marital status. According to reports by Times of India, Vineet Singh, 22, thought he was dating a 21-year-old woman name Jyoti Kori. The two dated online for three years, but they never saw each other. Kori apparently posted fake pictures on her profile. On […]

Black women least likely to be contacted for online dating, study says

Black women are the least desirable demographic subset when it comes to online dating, a study shows. Online dating website “Are You Interested” analyzed over 2.4 million interactions on their site and found that Asian women are more likely to get a message from males of any race — except when those men are Asian. […]

Woman unknowingly sets up blind sex date with her father-in-law

A woman known as Lili unknowingly arranged an online blind sex date with her father-in-law. According to the Daily Mail,  the 28-year-old woman met Wang Pai, 57, while online. Pai and Lili both used fake names and photos during their online interactions. After several conversations, the two decided to meet at a Muling City, China, […]

Mobile gaming has become a new online dating service

Are you among the millions of people who enjoy mobile gaming? Do you play games such as Words With Friends, Ruzzle or Wordfeud?   These are just a few of the games that allow you to connect with your Facebook and Twitter friends or play with complete strangers. The games contain a chat feature, which allows […]

5 ways to avoid a ‘Catfish’ while dating online

Finding love online has become easier with social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. However, due to the fact that anyone can create a profile, it’s easy for individuals to disguise themselves and pretend to be someone else. MTV’s “Catfish” explores this online trend by filming individuals who believe that they are being […]

The ‘Casanova Scammer’ arrested in Atlanta

Online dating can be quite risky; sometimes, it can actually be scary, too. Anyone who decides to take this route in an attempt to find love should do so very cautiously.  Those who take this advice lightly should consider the case of online dating defrauder Brian Otis Wedgeworth, an Alabamian who’s been dubbed the “Casanova […]