Spelman grad Aisha Griffin’s online beauty store thriving amid pandemic

As the shopping landscape has undergone a major shift during the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have been forced to adapt their business models to address customer needs. Aisha Griffin, founder of online retailer Coil Beauty, remains undeterred by the challenge. The Detroit native and Spelman College graduate launched the online company in 2018 after years […]

Accusations of racism cause Gucci to pull ‘blackface’ sweater

So far, 2019 has produced a plethora of negative imagery of racial animus across the United States. From a protest held in Washington, D.C., to images of prominent government officials wearing blackface. It would seem that companies would be cognizant of this fact and keep a wary eye out for issues. Apparently, all that failed […]

Georgia teen arrested for attempted $20M fraud with business in parents’ home

The state of Georgia has stopped a teen in an incredible bank fraud scheme of shocking proportions. State investigators allege that Charles Turner, 18, set up an elaborate scheme that involved identity theft, wire fraud and Amazon to the tune of more than $20 million. According to WSBTV-News, Turner had set up an online business […]

Walmart employees will now deliver online orders to customers’ homes

Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, with 4,700 U.S. stores and roughly 1.2 million employees, is testing an “associate delivery” program for its ship-to-home orders. It’s a move to make them more competitive, especially with its biggest online competitor: Amazon. Marc Lore, CEO of Walmart’s U.S. online operations, wrote on the company website, “It just makes […]

Backpage reluctantly takes action after being tied to sex trafficking

Knowing that your child is missing and possibly in danger is a horrible feeling for any parent today. For one St. Louis mom, it was compounded by finding her missing daughter being advertised for sex on the website Backpage. In 2009, the 14-year-old daughter of Kubiiki Pride had been missing for nine months. One night […]

3 ways to overcome shyness on social media

In a world where social media is screaming, “Look at me!’ and requires you to put yourself front and center, it’s intimidating for those who are shy or introverted to grow their brands. I reached out to Kelly James, a sales coach known for bringing introverts out of their shells to build their presence on […]

Escort kills man alleged to be serial killer

Choosing to be an escort and posting ads for sex turned into a life-and-death struggle for one woman in Charleston, West Virginia. Police say that a woman, only identified as Heather, posted an ad for sex online and allowed Neal Falls into her home. However, Falls then pulled a gun, started choking her and said “live […]

Tricked by online photo, man chokes girlfriend

Cornelius Jefferson, 33, of Monroe, Georgia, decided to try the world of online dating to find his soul mate. The Georgia man eventually met a woman online from Kentucky and after looking at her photo, fell in love. He was so lovestruck that he moved from Georgia to eastern Kentucky to be with his online […]

Meet the chimney stalker girlfriend

Dating a person in today’s online world can be a very tricky thing, a person really never knows who they are meeting. One California man learned this the hard way when he broke up with his girlfriend, Genoveva Nunez-Figueroa. Apparently, Nunez-Figueroa was not ready to end the relationship and she was persistent in trying to […]

White woman offers virginity to highest bidder online

Elizabeth Raine, 27, has something to sell to the highest bidder: her virginity. The young medical student has even put up a website, www.elizabeth-raine.com, with a description of herself, pictures and why she is not a prostitute but an intelligent woman working her way through medical school. On her website she gives four reasons why […]

40-year-old man arrested after driving 18 hours to have sex with 14-year-old girl

A 40-year-old man was arrested after driving 18 hours without stopping to use the restroom so that he could have sex with a teenager. According to News 13 Orlando, Christopher Lanning, 40, drove from Kansas City, Kan., to Florida to meet a 14-year-old girl for sex. Lanning, who is a little person, began chatting online […]

Kanye and Kim K. planning to sue over engagement video?

The high-profile couple is reportedly planning to sue the person who released their proposal video. TMZ reports that the video footage that surfaced of KimYe’s engagement party was filmed and released without their consent.

Booty Shorts and Gold Leggings: Ghetto Style Trends Gone Bad

Your butt called, and it says that it wants nothing to do with those tight booty shorts and trampy gold pants this summer. Clearly, those two celebrity-driven fashion trends are best left to Hollywood, especially if your look resembles any of the fashions that are displayed here. Take a look.