Jill Scott warns women against engaging in ‘the Cucumber Challenge’ (video)

Ever since beloved singer Jill Scott’s very provocative and risque stage performance was filmed by a fan and went viral on social media, many women (and men) have engaged in what is being termed as “The Cucumber Challenge.” The “Long Walk” and “Living My Best Life” songstress unwittingly ignited the Cucumber Challenge where young women […]

Nursing home worker arrested in sex tape extortion of elderly widower

A woman who worked at a nursing home in New Berlin, Wisconsin, is in jail after some allegedly shameful actions. Shatarra Rodgers, 25, is accused of stealing cash and the attempted sex tape extortion of an elderly man. Rodgers worked at the Heritage at Deer Creek, an assisted living community where she met her elderly […]

Doctor sentenced in death of woman who overdosed during oral sex

Photo credit: Nomad_Soul / Shutterstock.com

A well-known German plastic surgeon has been jailed after being found guilty in the death of his girlfriend. Dr. Andreas David Niederbichler, 43, was recently sentenced to nine years in prison in the overdose death of his lover, who died in February 2018. Niederbichler had met a woman, identified only as Yvonne M. by the […]

Man allegedly shoots woman over bad sex, potato chips and $5

Law enforcement in Jacksonville, Florida, is looking for a man who shot a woman outside a local gas station. Neither the victim nor the suspect has been identified but the circumstances around the shooting have made the incident go viral. The shooting allegedly was caused after the woman did a bad job performing oral sex. According to […]

Keke Palmer shares how she learned about oral sex

Keke Palmer has admitted she used to secretly watch Maury Povich’s daytime program and “The Jerry Springer Show” growing up. Appearing on Busy Philipps’ show “Busy Tonight” on Thursday, Dec. 20, 2018, she confessed that she learned about oral sex from watching the daytime talk shows. The 25-year-old actress shared that one day while watching […]

Jill Scott comments on ‘mic oral sex’ performance (video)

A video of singer Jill Scott simulating oral sex on a microphone during a concert went viral quickly. Some of her fans were upset by the singer’s action, while others had no issue with her sexy routine. Scott was a guest on the popular Joe Budden podcast and addressed the controversy and why she did […]

Jill Scott simulates oral sex with a microphone on stage

Soul singer and actress Jill Scott gave a whole new meaning to “rocking the mic.” During a recent live performance, the “A Long Walk” singer fired up the arena when she sensually simulated having oral sex with the microphone. Scott, 46, is apparently enjoying her single life and this includes teasing the internet with high […]

Woman arrested for performing oral sex on passenger during Delta flight

Cougars can fly. A resident of California, 48, was arrested after she performed felatio on a male passenger, 28, on a Detroit-bound flight. The pair was sitting in Row 26, a three seated-row. The third passenger, who didn’t participate in the sex on a plane ruse was actually napping during the afternoon encounter. One passenger wrote […]

New York woman leaving church is gang-raped, suspects at large

A night of prayer turned into a horrible robbery and sexual assault on a New York woman as she left a church. According to the New York Daily News, the victim is a 50-year-old, Liberian immigrant and mother of two. She had just finished praying at Celestial Church of Christ in the Queens section of […]

Warrant issued for woman who performed oral sex in courthouse

Florida woman Brittney Jones decided to take the ratchet road to fame after posting a sex act on Twitter.  Nothing new for many, but the location of her activity now has police looking for her and the man she performed oral sex on. The incident occurred at the Duval County Courthouse in Jacksonville while she […]

Bride’s ex leaves pics on table that cause wedding brawl

It’s lit RT @Ydot_K: His is MAAAAAAD!! pic.twitter.com/QCjv1Si3rL — Ricky Fontaine (@DeposterChild) December 22, 2016 A wedding is supposed to be a day of joy for all involved, especially the happy couple. But one couple had their wedding ruined by a jealous ex-boyfriend who just couldn’t come to grips that the relationship was over. As […]

5 myths about herpes

With the recent announcement that Hollywood A-list actor Charlie Sheen is HIV positive, talk has turned once again to the spread of other STDs. Herpes is one of the most commonly spread sexually transmitted diseases. Part of the reason for this is that the herpes virus can lay dormant for years until an outbreak. It is […]

Cop used Craigslist to trick men for oral sex

A six-year veteran of the Chesterfield County Police Department in Missouri has lost his job and been arrested for his actions on the website Craigslist. Former officer David E. Cerna, 34, posted numerous ads offering anonymous oral sex to men through a hole in a wall. Because Cerna would post a picture of a woman, […]

TS Madison gives advice on oral sex and the porn business, part 4

Part of TS Madison’s success in the adult porn business is that she knows what she is doing. Here is some advice on the business and how to please your man during oral sex. Can you give advice to those people who might want a career in adult entertainment? –.You’re not going to get rich overnight. […]

Teacher arrested for paying teenage boy for sex

A music and arts teacher in Brooklyn, New York, has been arrested for paying a 16-year-old boy for oral sex. According to NBC New York, Waris Grant, 37, paid the teenage boy twice to engage in oral sex. The sex acts occurred in November and December at a home in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn. […]

New Year’s resolution: Do not get caught performing oral sex in a moving car

Arletha Alexander, 46, was performing a head-bobbing move on Mario Espinal, 33, that would get her turned away at the pearly gates. On Thursday, Jan. 1, 2015, Alexander allegedly bummed a ride home from Espinal when they were spotted by a police officer who was traveling northbound on a Williams Boulevard in Kenner, Louisiana. Espinal, who […]

Horse loving oral sex fiend caught in the act

It’s almost too disturbing to be true but unfortunately it is. A Wausau, Wisconsin, man was apprehended by police in the act of performing oral sex on a horse. Jared Kreft, 30, was arrested by police who were responding to an intruder call at a barn. When police arrived, they found Kreft dressed in a […]

Niecy Nash’s tips for marriage success: ‘Stomach Full, Penis Empty’

Actress Niecy Nash jokingly says her last book on sex and relationships was likely mistitled. Even though she went with the title, It’s Hard to Fight Naked, it should have been titled, Stomach Full, Penis Empty: A Woman’s Guide to a Happy Marriage, she explains in an recent interview with Playboy. When asked about her recommendation to perform oral […]

Teacher who had oral sex with student being sued for millions

Having oral sex with a student will likely jeopardize a teacher’s career and it may now affect her wallet. On her first day as a substitute teacher at Options Public Charter School in Washington, D.C., Symone Greene, 22, engaged in oral sex with a 17-year-old student. The two flirted with each other while in class […]