Mississippi high school band’s mock execution of cops sparks outrage (video)

A viral video of a halftime performance by the Forest Hills High School Marching Band in Forest Hills, Mississippi, has sparked outrage. The halftime skit shows a group of students with toy guns seemingly shooting other students dressed as SWAT officers in a reenactment from the movie John Q starring Denzel Washington. The skit was […]

Scathing letter by faculty demands resignation of Howard University president

Being the president of an HBCU can be a hard job with little room for mistakes and at Howard University Dr. Wayne A.I. Frederick is facing such a challenge. President Frederick has been at the helm of Howard University since he was appointed the interim president of Howard in October 2013 and then appointed the […]

Outrage as CNN host eats human flesh for special on Hinduism

Media history was made as CNN host Reza Aslan broke an almost universal taboo. As part of the CNN series “Believers,” Aslan told the story of the Aghori sect of the Hindu religion. The sect is more than 500 years old and centers around the thought that if God created all things, then nothing you […]

Police body-cam video shows cop assault pregnant mother [full video]

[jwplatform YgRv10ru] Body camera footage shows Barstow, CA police officer harass, humiliate and assault pregnant Black mother Charlena Michelle Cooks following an altercation with a driver at her daughter’s school. She’s arrested for obstruction, but she is really on guilty of trying officer’s patience.

Police kill man who surrendered with hands up

A recent video uploaded to YouTube shows a disturbing event that has similarities to the killing of unarmed teen Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. In the video Paso, Washington police confront Mexican national Antonio Zambrano-Montes, 35, for throwing rocks at police cars. The unarmed man is seen being shot multiple times by the police as […]

The 5 dumbest things you will hear in the wake of the Ferguson announcement

With the announcement that Officer Darren Wilson will not be facing charges in the wake of his murder of Mike Brown this past August, social media erupted in a firestorm of debate and antagonism. Many are voicing their opinions on the matter, and revealing how deeply-entrenched racism is in our culture; and also how ill-informed most American citizens are about how racism operates and how its ingrained in our system.

‘Toddlers’ Film Depicts Deadly Black Children, Sparks Outrage

Two years ago, director Termaine (M5) Brown, 29, pitched his camera in his Harlem neighborhood to shoot a controversial movie about criminally minded children. The new straight-to-DVD movie, Toddlers, follows a gang of chubby cheeked children who sell drugs, brandish weapons, have sex and murder rivals. As the video makes its rounds, some parents and […]