Celebrities’ Halloween costumes 2013

It’s Halloween and celebrities have been stepping out for Halloween parties in style. From Julianne Hough, who caused quite a stir on social media for wearing blackface, to twerking Miley Cyrus, oops … I mean Paris Hilton.

Shocked! Christina Milian eliminated on ‘Dancing With the Stars’

ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” is shy one pretty Latina performer. After a perfect night, Christina Milian is eliminated from this season’s competition. As surprised and disapponted as the booing audience, which included her friend Paris Hilton, once her elimination was announced, she says, “I have to say it’s true shock. I wasn’t expecting that. We […]

Mimi Faust and Nikko star in newly leaked sex tape?

Mimi Faust and her on-again, off-again boyfriend Nikko are used to showing off the highs and lows of their relationship to the “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” cameras but according to a new rumor the couple is now showing off their sex life as well in a newly leaked sex tape. According to MediaTakeOut, a sex tape starring the […]

Check out Paris Hilton’s new song, ‘Good Time,’ with Lil Wayne (video)

Strap yourselves in, ladies and gentlemen, and get ready for some soul-searing, complex and transcendent work of musical art. Or you can choose to listen to Paris Hilton instead. Your choice. Check out her new joint, “Good Time,” with Lil Wayne  — all while you wonder what Hotel heiress and sextape queen had to perform […]

Craziest fundraisers that work: Kickstarter, GoFundMe and Indiegogo

Crowdfunding sites like GoFundMe, Kickstarter and Indiegogo have been quite resourceful for many people starting and expanding their businesses, raising money for funerals and even realizing their dreams, including traveling the world. In 2012 there were more than a million successfully funded campaigns that raised $2.7 billion, according to research firm Massolution. They predict the numbers […]

Amanda Bynes offered $200K advance for record deal

The world may still not believe in Amanda Bynes’ music career, but Chinga Chang Records, the New York-based record label that initially offered her a record deal still does. According to a new report, the label is now willing to offer her $200,000 to sign with them. Back in June, Daniel Herman of Chinga Chang […]

How celebrities celebrated July 4th

Mariah Carey tweeted to her 11.6 million followers a snapshot of her in a star-spangled two-piece promoting her performance on Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks Spectacular.

Celebrity women we would not care about if they were unattractive

There are some celebrity women who attained national stature because they got mad skills in one genre or another. There are others who procured prominence because of that “it” factor, that swag, that sense of flair and the moment to be able to take over a room or stage effortlessly that others don’t have. Nene […]

Celebrities we simply stopped caring about

There comes a time when the gimmicks and/or the marginal skill level wears thin on the public and the 15 minutes of fame come to a screeching halt. For others, it’s the manufactured beefs, the hating and the constant mental brain belches of which pop culture watchers grow weary and wary and simply want it […]

Shay Johnson’s sex tape hits the Web, again

Over the past year, Shay Johnson has been most famous for her role as the other woman to Lil Scrappy and Erica Dixon on “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.” But recently, an infamous piece of Johnson’s past re-surfaced when an old sex tape of hers gained popularity again on the Web. According to FunkyDineva, Johnson […]

The biggest celebrity feuds

The reasons big-time celebrities hate another famous entertainer or politician is the stuff of fascination for pop culture observers and experts. Whether it is jealousy, infidelity, backstabbing, racism or just the fact that two Alpha personalities are occupying the same space, the public devours these social wars (better yet, the public gorges themselves on these […]

Paris Hilton making album with Lil Wayne and Cash Money; Twitter reacts

A tidal wave of disbelief swept across social media and ransacked a lot of people’s brains when they learned that reputed blond bubble-head Paris Hilton got signed to a record deal with Cash Money. Please let me know when you come to. There’s more. In fact, the sextape star-turned-actress-turned-singer, who did none of them well, […]

Farrah Abraham and the best-selling celebrity sex tapes

Farrah Abraham in a short period of time has one the best selling celebrity sex tape to date. She sold her tape to Vivid Entertainment for a reported 1.5 million dollars. Farrah’s sex-tape is titled Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom. Making sex-tapes to boost your popularity may not be the best idea. Based on what […]

Celebrity Twitter reactions to Kentucky Derby

One of the biggest and most sophisticated sporting events of the year, the Kentucky Derby annual attracts the biggest celebrities and dignitaries from around the country and across the globe. Here are celebrity Twitter reactions to the Kentucky Derby. A big Thank you to Junior Bridgeman for giving me a first class Kentucky Derby experience. […]

Celebrities who are famous for no good reason

This generation, more than any other in modern American history, has presented with this most peculiar and maddening of social phenomenons: A steady drizzle of talent-free people who are catapulted into fame for reasons that elude even the most observant pop culture experts. Some manage to fame-whore themselves with enough relentlessness to make their 15 […]

Jennifer Williams’ ex, Eric Williams, goes on homophobic rant

Jennifer Williams’ ex-husband, Eric Williams, is used to being the villain thanks to his very public and messy divorce from the former “Basketball Wives” star. But Williams took the role to new heights this past weekend when he went on a homophobic Twitter rant about same-sex marriage. During his longwinded rant, Williams pitted gay black […]

Celebrity real estate: Celebrity swatted homes in Los Angeles

The saga continues as the celebrity “swatting” prank hits three more celebs in less than 36 hours. Past victims included the likes of Clint Eastwood and Selena Gomez. These pranksters continue to waste tax dollars and put people’s lives in danger when they place compelling false 9-1-1 calls to get police officers to descend upon […]

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