Another ‘Duck Dynasty’ star makes anti-gay comments

“Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson had the whole nation up in arms earlier this year after he made racist and homophobic comments in a high-profile GQ article. Although it looked like the controversy had finally died down, Robertson’s son, Willie, recently poured gasoline on the matter and reignited the controversy when he made homophobic comments […]

Brazilian soccer player says it’s not homophobic to be anti-gay

It’s common to hear that a fool doesn’t know he’s a fool and it’s likely that same idea applies to homophobes, because Brazilian soccer player Alex Da Costa recently made the illogical argument that being anti-gay doesn’t make him a homophobe. According to Gay Star News, Da Costa made the confounding remarks in a recent […]

Paula Deen embarrassingly compares herself to Michael Sam

It’s no secret that Paula Deen has a way with words that can make you want to hug her or fire her from her job and completely erase her from your network. Recently, Deen leaned toward the latter option when she awkwardly compared her plight over the use of the n-word to the plight of […]

Fan claims Rihanna’s alleged anti-gay comments were fake

Like any respectable music diva, Rihanna has garnered a strong LGBT fan base over the years, thanks to her chart-topping hits, brazen and unapologetic attitude, and support for the LGBT community. But her loyalty to her gay fan base came into question this week when one of her Instagram followers accused her of gay bashing […]

Ashanti under fire for allegedly anti-gay tweet

In the world of R&B music, Ashanti has always been known as one of the good girls and she’s rarely gotten herself involved with any type of drama or controversy. But controversy certainly came knocking on her door Sunday night when the singer posted what some considered to be a homophobic tweet. While talking football […]

Evander Holyfield’s son claims his dad isn’t homophobic

Evander Holyfield may be one of boxing’s most lovable stars, but there was little that people adored about the heavyweight champ this weekend when, on an episode of the U.K.’s “Celebrity Big Brother,” he claimed that homosexuality is unnatural and can be changed, like a handicap. Since then, Holyfield has been criticized by many across […]

Evander Holyfield slams gay community on ‘Celebrity Big Brother UK’

Over the past year, “Big Brother” has been one of the most controversial shows on TV thanks to cast mates spewing homophobic, racist and discriminatory comments. And although those comments have historically come from regular Joes and Janes, last night boxing legend Evander Holyfield found himself to be celebrity offender No. 1 when he bashed […]

President Obama’s Christmas gift goes awry

A suburban Chicago woman got the surprise of her life for Christmas: A present from the Obama family that was meant to be mailed to Sasha and Malia’s godmother. The White House confirmed on Thursday that the family’s mailed present was delivered to the wrong person and that it had been opened during its route […]

‘Duck Dynasty’ star Phil Robertson advised men to marry 15-year-old girls

Not only has the “Duck Dynasty” stars been exposed as racists and homophobic backwood rednecks who out of touch with reality, they are also nasty. At a Christian retreat in Georgia in 2009, patriarch Phil Robertson actually advised young men to marry girls when they are 15 or 16 years old. “Make sure that she can […]

‘Duck Dynasty’ star Phil Robertson makes more homophobic comments

Typically, when a celebrity blasts off recklessly at the mouth with controversial comments they follow up immediately with a (pseudo) heartfelt apology campaign. But not “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson. After enduring major backlash over racist and homophobic comments that he made in GQ magazine, Robertson is back at it again and recently made more […]

Charlie Sheen blasts Phil Robertson over homophobic comments

Last week, “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson the most controversial county bumpkin in the nation when he made racist and anti-gay comments in an infamous interview with GQ magazine. Since then, Robertson has been suspended from his TV show and the “Duck Dynasty” cast has been enduring a firestorm of media criticism over the controversy. […]

Ann Coulter agrees with ‘Duck Dynasty’s’ Phil Robertson’s homophobia

Leave it to wanna be relevant conservative Ann Coulter to try to defend the indefensible and inexcusable. The right wing witch of the Republican Party told NewsMax’s “The Steve Malzberg Show” that “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson was right to slam homosexuals for their sexual orientation. “There’s nothing offensive about what Phil Robertson said,” Coulter […]

‘Duck Dynasty’ star rants on homosexuals: ‘A man’s a– can’t compare to a vagina’

This comes right out of the “What the hell…?” files. “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson threw some serious shade on homosexuals when he talked about his preference for a woman’s reproductive organs over a man’s derriere as a way to obtain sexual gratification. Robertson actually went on a mindless rant about religion, homosexuality and a bunch of […]