Are you experienced? The 25 greatest classic rock albums

The classic rock era represents what many fans (specifically Baby Boomers) consider the peak of rock music’s artistic ambition and commercial clout. Rock artists were breaking new ground constantly, from the Beatles and Bob Dylan in the late 60s to Pink Floyd and Zeppelin in the mid-70s.

10 perfect albums for celebrating 4/20

April 20 is a holiday for some people. While for many, today is just a regular early spring day, for others 4/20 is a day of relaxation and laughing at things that aren’t really that funny. A day of zoning out or snacking on really wretched foods. It’s a day to get together with friends […]

Rihanna Honors 2Pac With a New Tattoo

Since Tupac Shakur passed away in 1996, many artists have paid their respects to the iconic emcee through lyrics, videos and even tattoos. But the most recent artist to pay homage to 2Pac wasn’t one of his hip-hop disciples, but pop’s wildest vixen, Rihanna. The Bajan bad girl recently decided to show her love for […]

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