Rihanna reveals the movie role she would love to play

Rihanna admitted while nothing is in the pipeline just yet, she would jump at the chance to take on a legendary role in Batman. The 31-year-old star said she “would love” to play Poison Ivy in a Batman movie because the flamed haired villain is one of her “obsessions.” “You know what, they didn’t call […]

Diet plan: 10 uses for wheatgrass

Whether boosting your immune system or finding relief for a sore throat, wheatgrass benefits are numerous. Check out other ways wheatgrass can benefit your health.

5 Sexiest Comic Book Villains of All Time

In honor of the midnight premiere of “The Dark Knight Rises,” rolling out compiled a list of the sexiest comic book villains of all time.  Most, if not all, have been played by some of Hollywood’s most attractive women, so enjoy.

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