A Seat at the Table with Rep. Al Green, Department of Reconciliation 8/13/20

Rep. Al Green took a seat at the table to discuss his plan to create his proposed Department of Reconciliation. H. RES. 992 Declares that the unconditional war on racism and invidious discrimination and providing for the establishment of a Cabinet-level Department of Reconciliation charged with eliminating racism and invidious discrimination.

Congressman Hank Johnson spearheads Restoration Resources Fair for ex-offenders

America is facing systemic prison issues, including what happens when ex-offenders re-enter society after incarceration. In many cases, they are given a few dollars and a one-way ticket home. Congressman Hank Johnson, a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Georgia’s 4th Congressional District, has made efforts to address the issue of re-entry. Johnson […]

Did FBI use Al Sharpton to try to lure Assata Shakur?

It has been talked about in close circles within the Black Nationalist and Black Freedom community for years. It is something, that if proven true, would destroy Rev. Al Sharpton and his National Action Network. As painful as it is to imagine, Sharpton is accused of trying to set up Assata Shakur for arrest while […]

Beyoncé maybe? Celebrities who should have lip-synced the national anthem

The buzz surrounding Beyoncé’s alleged lip-syncing continues this week as fans and media outlets continue to discuss her performance at President Barack Obama’s second presidential inauguration. It has been said that celebrities are now forced to pre-record the national anthem to avoid any mishaps and embarrassment. Well, we’ve found footage of some celebrities who would have been fortunate […]

Most Controversial Magazine Covers Ever

Over the years, Magazines like Time, Vogue, and the New Yorker have made it their mission to grab attention with their prize-worthy covers, however, it doesn’t always work in their favor. Or does it?  Check out these controversial covers that made so many people upset, that readers ran out to get a copy.  Many of […]