Popeyes employees called police on customer buying food for homeless man

ATLANTA — Jo Ortega just wanted to do the right thing. The Georgia State University senior was picking up a Doordash order one night at Popeyes when she saw a homeless man, Jazz Reese, nearby who said he was hungry. When Ortega attempted to order a two-piece meal for Reese, the Popeyes employees wouldn’t serve […]

Popeyes manager goes wild, slaps underaged employee (video)

A Popeyes manager in Bainbridge, Georgia, has been charged in connection with a fight with an underage worker that was caught on video. Marquez Smith, 20, was charged with battery and cruelty to children on May 30. pic.twitter.com/xjkcWZKQLV — No Jumper (@nojumper) June 1, 2022 In the video, another employee is shown trying to stop […]

Megan Thee Stallion’s career is heating up with new Popeyes ‘hottie sauce’

In true Hot Girl fashion, rapper Megan Thee Stallion will be partnering with the fast-food chain restaurant Popeyes on their new sauce, aptly named Megan Thee Stallion Hottie Sauce, which will be available on Oct. 19, 2021. Popeyes announced the partnership on Thursday, Oct. 14, 2021, with a Western-inspired short film that was released on […]

‘Saturday Night Live’ mocks Popeyes chicken craze with horror skit (video)

“Saturday Night Live” has done it again. Once again, SNL took a pop culture phenomenon or controversy and transformed it into a hilarious skit for their late-night comedy show audience. SNL produced a horror skit in the vein of Jordan Peele’s monstrously-successful Get Out film about a blissfully naive White British intern who volunteers to […]

Inmate goes viral after smuggling Popeyes chicken sandwich inside prison

An inmate has gone viral after allegedly smuggling a Popeyes chicken sandwich into prison. On Nov. 14, Twitter user @eugene3000 posted a photo of an inmate named Frank Gutta eating the chicken sandwich, according to Daily Mail. “N—–s in jail ate the Popeyes chicken sandwich before me I’m sick,” Twitter @eugene3000 wrote. Another photo showed […]

Popeyes stabbing suspect identified but still on the loose (photo)

Police in suburban Washington released the name and identity of the suspect in the stabbing death of Kevin Tyrell Davis at a Popeyes franchise last week. According to the Baltimore Sun, the suspect is identified as Ricoh McClain, 30. Police in Oxon Hill, Maryland, have charged McClain in a warrant with first- and second-degree murder […]

Popeyes customers fight in drive-thru over chicken sandwich (video)

The hysteria around Popeyes chicken sandwich continues. One day after it was reported that a man was stabbed to death over the sand which, videos of fights at Popeyes have emerged. In a video that was captured in Los Angeles by Instagram user @famousboi.d, two drivers got into a spat over who was next in […]

Popeyes trolls Chik-fil-A, announces return of vaunted sandwich (video)

Chick-fil-A may not be open on Sunday, but Popeyes will be, and its vaunted, spicy chicken sandwich that famously sold out in every store across America, will be on the menu. In a Twitter post, Popeyes took the liberty of poking fun at its spicy chicken sandwich rival, Chik-fil-A, by peeling back words on a […]

Popeyes employees held at gunpoint by mob craving chicken sandwiches

The Popeyes chicken sandwich craze has reached a new low. The chicken sandwich mania initially began as good-natured banter on social media, but it has now inspired criminals to react with violence. During the Labor Day holiday, a group consisting of two women, three men and a baby drove to the drive-thru at a Houston-area […]

Popeyes has run out of chicken sandwiches and the jokes pour in

Popeyes is all out of chicken sandwiches. What in the name of hot sauce is going on here? On the official Twitter site for Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, top executives announced Tuesday, Aug. 27, 2019, that they are all out of the new chicken sandwiches that ignited a nationwide craze. The sandwiches created a demand that […]

Janelle Monae criticized for scolding Black folks caught up in Popeyes craze

The Popeyes craze continues to have a major impact on social media and at the fast-food chain that specializes in fried chicken. Across the nation, long lines have formed at Popeye’s restaurants, as people seek to purchase the new highly-touted chicken sandwich. Janelle Monae recently weighed in on the conversation by attempting to make sense […]

Teen registers people waiting in long lines at Popeyes to vote (video)

A politically ambitious teen who is too young to vote was nevertheless savvy enough to leverage the long lines at Popeyes to his advantage. Seventeen-year-old David Ledbetter registered people to vote while they waited in long lines to get at the fast-food restaurant’s popular new chicken sandwiches for $3.99. Popeyes ignited a national craze among […]

Have Popeyes and fast-food chains co-opted Black culture to sell chicken?

Popeyes caused a stir on social media after the company released its new fried chicken sandwich last week. The release caused a debate centered around which fast-food chain has the best chicken sandwich. However, the social media battles between the fast-food chains have centered around Black slang. For instance, in the midst of the great […]

New Orleans teen job hunting at Popeyes stops robbery

Devin Washington

It was just supposed to be a normal Saturday afternoon for 18-year-old New Orleans native Devin Washington. He had an interview scheduled at a neighborhood Popeyes restaurant and he was hoping to make a good impression on the manager set to interview him. According to New Orleans Police, Devin got more than he bargained for […]