Jermaine Fowler would like to see ‘Coming 2 America,’ ‘Black Panther’ mash-up

Comedian Jermaine Fowler has been riding a wave of success with Coming 2 America scoring the biggest opening streaming weekend in the past year when it debuted on Amazon Prime on March 5. The comedian plays Murphy’s son in the sequel and previously voiced characters on “Family Guy” and “BoJack Horseman.” Fowler recently spoke with […]

Twitter reacts to Price Middle School student being shot in the head

The U.S. Government and NRA must began honest discourse about the issue of guns in America. Another child has been shot while at school. According to reports, a 14 year-old student and teacher were wounded by gunfire at Price Middle School in Atlanta today. The 14 year-old was shot in the head and is currently […]

LeBron James’ Newest Sneakers to Cost $180 After Rumor of a $300 Price Tag?

LeBron James and Nike caught flack after a report by the Wall Street Journal suggested that the new LeBron X will retail for $315. The story created a backlash and caught the attention of the National Urban League. The organization released a statement saying the price was too steep to be marketed to teens and […]