How did Minneapolis officer escape prosecution after killing Amir Locke?

The criminal charges have been announced for Mark Hanneman, the officer who shot and killed 22-year-old Black man Amir Locke – there are none. Minnesota prosecutors determined to not file criminal charges against Hanneman, as local offices determined the officer was justified in firing his weapon. “There is insufficient admissible evidence to file criminal charges […]

District Attorney David Cooke discusses arrests in Fort Valley sex ring scandal

The arrests of seven alleged perpetrators of a sex ring at Fort Valley State University have shocked many, especially those within the HBCU community. Rolling out spoke with David Cooke, the district attorney for the Macon Judicial Circuit who is responsible for prosecuting crimes committed in Bibb, Crawford and Peach Counties, about the scandal at […]

Prosecution issues rebuttal in George Zimmerman’s murder trial: Best statements

The prosecution issued a rebuttal to the closing arguments of George Zimmerman’s defense. Prosecutor John Guy issued the rebuttal and attempted to poke holes in the defense attorney Mark O’Mara’s argument. Guy went after Zimmerman and accused him of being a liar who had malice in his heart when he shot Trayvon Martin. Click continue […]

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