Beauty, sisterhood and natural hair envy at the Farewell 44 exhibit

Nothing brings together beautiful people like art, and the Farewell 44 Tribute to Barack Obama at NYCH Gallery in Chicago was no different. Even though we were there to partake in the art on the walls, we couldn’t help but view the crowd as a walking work of art themselves. Trendy beauties with natural hair […]

5 reasons a hair net is necessary for sew-in styles

Most weave-in hair stylists specializing in protective styles will make it clear that women need to have a hair net under their sew-ins. If you’re wondering what a hair net is, we’re definitely not talking about the ones that you’re high school lunch lady wore. The hair nets used for sew-ins are either nylon, polyester […]

The summer hair special: Our guide to the best braided styles

Most Black women take great pride in the upkeep of their hair. Many endure weekly visits to beauty salons, and wait patiently for hours as their hair is washed, set, dried and styled and even endure a bit of discomfort with hopes that the final product that sits atop their head looks like a crown. […]

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