The Pullman Porter: Bespoke man of integrity and courage

The Roaring Twenties ushered in a prosperous time when jazz flourished, and modern young women known as “flappers” wore flashy attire and popularized boisterous dances like the Charleston. Of note, during this post-World War I era, the Pullman Company, whose founder George Pullman, designed the sleeping car in the 1880s in Chicago, earned the distinction […]

A black man’s journey to greatness: 9 prominent pullman porters

To many working-class blacks, the Pullman Porter had it made. He traveled around the country, had firsthand encounters with politicians and celebrities, and, more importantly, a steady job. Plus the tips were an added bonus. It’s no doubt, Pullman Porters made up an integral part of the emerging middle class fabric. These professionals were to […]

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