Faith Evans reveals diss from Lil’ Kim

Back in the day, R&B stars rarely had beefs, but Faith Evans was once a part of hip-hop and R&B’s biggest feuds when she discovered that her late husband, The Notorious B.I.G., was having an affair with his protégée, rap icon Lil’ Kim. And in a new interview with Wendy Williams, Evans opens up about her […]

‘Behind Those Books’ Documents Tales of Street Life

Behind Those Books: A Documentary is guaranteed to change the perception of some and challenge how others feel about tales of street life in inner-cities. The film features notable authors and artists Terry McMillan, Zane, Omar Tyree, Teri Woods, Cornel West, Michael Eric Dyson, Kevin Powell, Queen Pen, Vickie Stringer, Nikki Turner, K’wan, Treasure E. […]