Can Maury bring Rachel Dolezal and her parents back together?

Could Rachel Dolezal end up on “Maury?” According to TMZ, “Maury” executive producer Paul Faulhaber and his team are now actively trying to book Dolezal and her parents. Faulhaber says he wants to give all three a DNA test and reveal the results on the show. While none of us would be shocked to see […]

Rachel Dolezal responds to ‘transracial’ criticism

Rachel Dolezal, one of the most prominent people in Spokane, Washington’s, Black community is under fire, after her estranged mother claimed she’s been “dishonest and deceptive with her identity” for the last decade. When questioned by Jeff Humphrey of KXLY4 about whether or not her parents are White, Dolezal responded, “That’s a very … I mean, […]