Why actress Gina Torres didn’t identify as Black

Gina Torres admits that she has “felt trapped” as an Afro-Latina actress who has almost exclusively played Black roles for the balance of her career. Torres, who made her Hollywood debut with 1992’s Unnatural Pursuits, said that she has been uncomfortable in many of the roles she played. “I feel like I was living in […]

Serena Williams forced sports journalists to get out of the toy box

Erin Whiteside, University of Tennessee Of the many outstanding components of her game, Serena Williams may best be known for her commanding serve. Those serves, unleashed over the course of a 27-year professional career, arguably heightened the power and intensity of the women’s game, forcing her opponents to game plan for each wicked volley. To those […]

T.I. demands a boycott of Sesame Place

Rap impresario T.I. is calling for the entire culture to cancel the Sesame Place theme park in Philadelphia after a series of videos show evidence of alleged racism by the mascots. In the clips, multiple mascots from the legendary TV show “Sesame Street” seemed to purposely avoid the Black children while hand slapping with the […]

More videos surface of Sesame Place characters snubbing Black children

Sesame Place has gone from friendly to infamous almost overnight after a series of videos have been posted on social media seemingly showing Sesame characters snubbing Black children. The children’s theme park near Philadelphia has been under fire since a Black mother posted a video showing two little Black girls reaching out for a handshake […]

Why Idris Elba ‘back in the running’ to play James Bond

After years of going back and forth, it looks like Hollywood heartthrob Idris Elba is “back in the running to finally play James Bond.” The British-born Elba, who soared to fame during his gritty performance in the seminal series “The Wire,” has expressed trepidation in the past about taking on such an iconic role due […]

Monica slams racist reporter for complaint about Blacks at CMT Awards

Singer Monica clapped back hard at a racist White reporter who slammed the Country Music Television Awards because of the higher number of African Americans who were in attendance at the event. On the eve of her first country album, the Atlanta-born Monica Denise Arnold appeared at the CMT Awards and was joined by actor […]

Viola Davis says other Blacks didn’t think she was pretty enough for hit show

Celebrated actress Viola Davis reveals in her upcoming memoir that fellow Black actors criticized her mahogany hue and remarked she wasn’t pretty enough to play the lead in the hit drama series “How to Get Away With Murder.” The Oscar-, Tony-, Emmy- and SAG award-winning actress details her life growing up through tumult borne of […]

Dear racist senators, Black women aren’t your Aunt Jemimas no more

The Senate confirmation hearings for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson have become the laundry room for racism. Racist senators go into the laundry room to air their dirty laundry and evil comments as they lob them at a judge who has more credentials than the senators who are asking the questions. “If I can change my […]

President Biden slams NFL over lack of Black head coaches

President Joe Biden is the latest to weigh in on the glaring void of Black head coaches in the National Football league. During an interview with NBC’s Lester Holt, Biden reiterated the points that have been made many times in recent years. The league has not implemented the spirit of the Rooney Rule to promote […]

2nd Black NFL head coach suggests owners offered payment to tank games

Former NFL head coach Hue Jackson becomes the second Black coach to come forward with the explosive suggestion that his former team owner paid him to tank games and later fired him. Jackson’s assertions come after the NFL, by far America’s favorite sports organization, was set aflame after fellow Black coach Brian Flores filed a […]

Why NBA icon Chris Bosh is boycotting the NFL

NBA champion and future Hall of Famer Chris Bosh announced he is boycotting the NFL until the sport hires more Black head coaches. Bosh, 37, who won two titles in four NBA Finals appearances with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade, loves pro football but will abstain from “spending” more weekends watching it. He insinuates strongly […]

Principal, employee fired after making Black girl eat out of garbage (video)

A principal and cafeteria worker in Ohio have been terminated after surveillance video confirms a 9-year-old Black girl’s account of being made to eat food out of the trash can that she had thrown away. The school district in Lorain, 30 miles west of Cleveland, finally released the video after the investigation was launched in […]

Michael Eric Dyson: Inside the mind of an intellectual architect

Michael Eric Dyson is one of a kind. A teacher, doctor of philosophy, father, philanthropist, radio host and prolific writer of 24 books and counting, he is the facilitator and conduit of a Black America starving for knowledge, wisdom and love. More than capable of providing the tools to nurture the minds of Black America, […]

Karen accuses Black man of stealing phone; then gets her just deserts

Being Black can get difficult sometimes. You’re more likely to be the next victim of a random traffic stop and more likely to die in police custody after getting arrested. You might even get accused of stealing a lost phone. TikTok user T Love uploaded a video of a White woman accusing him of stealing […]

Kevin Hart says racist scene in ‘True Story’ occurred in real life

Kevin Hart and Wesley Snipes teamed up for a new seven-episode action-packed drama on Netflix called “True Story” that debuted on the streamer this week. Hart and Snipes portray brothers Kid and Carlton respectively in the TV drama very loosely based on the comedian’s life. Netflix explained that the show centers around a comedy show […]

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