‘Duck Dynasty’ star Phil Robertson advised men to marry 15-year-old girls

Not only has the “Duck Dynasty” stars been exposed as racists and homophobic backwood rednecks who out of touch with reality, they are also nasty. At a Christian retreat in Georgia in 2009, patriarch Phil Robertson actually advised young men to marry girls when they are 15 or 16 years old. “Make sure that she can […]

Ann Coulter agrees with ‘Duck Dynasty’s’ Phil Robertson’s homophobia

Leave it to wanna be relevant conservative Ann Coulter to try to defend the indefensible and inexcusable. The right wing witch of the Republican Party told NewsMax’s “The Steve Malzberg Show” that “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson was right to slam homosexuals for their sexual orientation. “There’s nothing offensive about what Phil Robertson said,” Coulter […]

‘Duck Dynasty’ star rants on homosexuals: ‘A man’s a– can’t compare to a vagina’

This comes right out of the “What the hell…?” files. “Duck Dynasty” patriarch Phil Robertson threw some serious shade on homosexuals when he talked about his preference for a woman’s reproductive organs over a man’s derriere as a way to obtain sexual gratification. Robertson actually went on a mindless rant about religion, homosexuality and a bunch of […]

Toya Wright to advocate for better treatment of inmates after her arrest experience

Toya Wright was thoroughly traumatized by her arrest and experience in jail in suburban Atlanta the other night, vehemently proclaiming that she will never return because of the horrid treatment of the inmates. While refusing to divulge any details, she succinctly summarized that the people she saw incarcerated were treated “inhumanely.” “I wouldn’t wish jail […]