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Trinidad James dropped from Def Jam: ‘I got no money’

Rapper Trinidad James broke the news last night that he has been dropped by Def Jam Recordings. The “All Gold Everything” rapper was a sensation at the tail end of 2012 and in early 2013 on the strength of that one hit, but no follow up single made an impression.

Black record label brought the Beatles to America, not Ed Sullivan

For all of the attention that the Ed Sullivan appearance garnered, it wasn’t America’s very first introduction to the Beatles. The first American record label to jump on the group’s potential was a small, black-owned label based in Chicago.

Lyor Cohen explains why his new label is partnering with Twitter

Cohen has now announced that 300 will be partnering with popular social media platform Twitter, in what Cohen hopes will help provide artists with development tools that can only be gleaned from understanding social media; as well as using the site to help find new talent.