Mother of triplets Meri Reffetto: ‘Health habits I learned from my dad’

As a mother of 5-year old triplets, I’m starting to see exactly how children learn healthy habits. It doesn’t always come from talking at them or trying to explain by reading child-friendly stories or using carrot-shaped puppets to get the message out about developing healthy habits. They learn from observing our behavior. Our generation seems […]

Healing Foods: Top Tips to Use Food as Medicine

Tip 1: Honey, Please (Allergies):  Having honey in your system from bees in your area can make you less susceptible to allergic reactions from pollen. Try 1 to 2 teaspoons in a daily cup of herbal tea, mix in with some Greek yogurt, or drizzle some on top of fresh fruit. Tip 2: Mean Greens […]