Tragic cause of death revealed for comedy writer Kevin Barnett

The death of Kevin Barnett, 32, a rising star in the comedy world, sent shockwaves through Hollywood this week. Barnett was on vacation in Tijuana, Mexico, when he died unexpectedly. Mexican authorities have now released a cause of death. According to Mexican authorities, Barnett was rushed to a local hospital in Tijuana where he died […]

Comedian and ‘Rel’ co-creator Kevin Barnett dies suddenly at 32

Kevin Barnett, 32, a rising star in the comedy world, has died, according to his publicist and studio. Barnett was one of the writers and the co-creator behind the hit TV series “Rel,” starring comedian Rel Howery, and was well-known in major writing circles. According to his agent, Barnett was on vacation in Mexico when he died. […]

Comedian Jess Hilarious makes her scripted series debut on Fox’s ‘REL’

Jessica Robin Moore, aka Jess Hilarious, is blowing up as a comedic savant. The Baltimore native has amassed four million Instagram followers with keep-it-100 antics such as her “Jess with the Mess” vignettes. No celebrity or pop culture phenom is safe from her bold and raw humor that literally makes people holler out loud with laughter. […]