Automation and AI expert explains how technology will replace people’s jobs

Patrick Dicks is the owner of Dicks Consulting Group, an adjunct professor, and an expert in automation and artificial intelligence with over 25 years of technology experience. Dicks has been conducting research for a number of years and has noticed that automation and artificial intelligence are gaining momentum and this influx of change will leave Americans […]

America’s digitally powered racial awakening

It took 8 minutes and 46 seconds to shock the collective American conscious out of quarantine and into action. Eight minutes and 46 seconds of modern technology capturing the death of George Floyd and transmitting it around the world. And the same 8 minutes and 46 seconds to launch protests from Minneapolis to Washington, D.C., […]

Keke Palmer ready for change: ‘I have waited for a revolution my entire life’

Keke Palmer has been “waiting for a revolution” for her “entire life,” as she calls for change amid the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests. The 26-year-old actress has been joining the Black Lives Matter protests in America in recent weeks and has said the movement has allowed people to “prepare” for a “revolution and a […]

Was 1 of The Weeknd’s biggest hits stolen from a little-known movie?

This past Wednesday a British music publishing company filed suit in Los Angeles claiming that The Weeknd’s hit song, “The Hills,” infringes on the copyright of composer Tom Raybould’s song “Revolution” from the soundtrack of the 2014 movie, The Machine. Publisher Cutting Edge Music Services alleges that in March of this year, producer Million Dollar […]

Lonnie Edwards tells ‘A Ferguson Story’ at The Black Harvest Film Festival

Tensions are high. People are dying. Politicians are speaking with vitriol and reckless abandon, tapping into a sensibility that is real and exists in large numbers. The events in Ferguson, Missouri sparked by the murder of Michael Brown have provided a jolt to the system. These protests represent a challenge of the status quo and the youth […]

White supremacist terror cell attacks in Las Vegas, cops killed

A scene of horror and fear gripped the streets of Las Vegas, Nevada yesterday as a white supremacist terror cell struck. An unidentified man and woman entered a CiCi’s pizza on Sunday and executed two veteran police officers. Witness accounts stated that the pair screamed “this is the start of a revolution” as they shot […]

Obama Re-Election Will Cause National Uprising, Predicts Texas Judge

A county judge in Lubbock, Texas said law enforcement should be prepared for a mutiny against President Obama if he is reelected in November, according to FOX34. Tom Head told the television station that Lubbock’s law enforcement needed to raise revenues in order to be prepared for a revolution, which he said could be a byproduct […]

5 Conscious Rappers Who Combat Negative Images

The reason that Tupac Amaru Shakur is considered the greatest rapper of all time by many hip hop heads is not because he was the most awe-inspiring wordsmith or could torpedo phat phrases out of his mouth with machine-gun quickness, ala Twista or Bone Thugs-n-Harmony.  It’s because he was a word warrior wrapped in radicalism […]

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