T.I. enraged the Falcons used outsider for team ad (video)

Music impresario T.I. was perplexed as to why the Atlanta Falcons used a non-Atlanta artist to perform their team anthem “Rise Up” for the 2022 season. The theme song was performed by former “Power” star Rotimi who spits out: “Red, black, and white, yeah/ We gone rise up/ ATL that city, we go higher.” Some […]

Andra Day creates a photo masterpiece for ‘rolling out’

Leave to Grammy Award-nominated songbird Andra Day to absolutely blow our minds on the set of her recent cover shoot for rolling out. Not only did she graciously hold court, as she opened herself up during her interview with journalist/author A.R. Shaw, but the San Diego native also knows how to take one hell of a picture. Here is an exclusive look at the effortlessly stylish Andra Day.

Andra Day: Voice of a new day

Andra Day hadn’t really started her day when she got the news. Awakened by a slew of text messages and phone calls at 6 a.m., Day silenced her cellphone and pushed it off her nightstand. Her only concern was getting a few more minutes of sleep before delving into the hectic schedule that comes with […]