Jay Z, Oscar De La Hoya make 6-figure bet on Alvarez vs. Cotto fight

The upcoming Canelo Alvarez vs. Miguel Cotto middleweight fight is one of the most anticipated boxing matches in recent memory. And with any high-profile title fight, there will be plenty of big money bets placed on both fighters to win, but there’s one bet in particular that is drawing lots of attention. Jay Z and […]

‘The One’ Mayweather vs. Alvarez fight

On Saturday, Sept. 14, 2013, Floyd “Money” Mayweather (44-0) will take home his highest payday to date with a guaranteed $41.5 million after fighting 23-year-old Saul “Canelo” Alvarez (42-0-1, 30 KO).  In addition to the guaranteed payout, he will collect his share of the PPV receipts from carriers of the fight, such as Direct TV and Dish […]

Celebrity Twitter reactions to Floyd Mayweather’s victory over Robert Guerrero

Every club and bar in the city showing the “Mayweather vs. Guerrero” boxing match was bulging at the seams, further demonstrating to Mayweather’s enormous box office clout and pop culture relevance, both of which have failed to erode despite his advancing age and the fact that he’s never fought Manny Pacquiao. Mayweather systematically dissected Guerrero […]

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