NY teacher made Black students pick cotton for slavery reenactment (photo)

A White schoolteacher in Upstate New York is under fire after he made Black students in his class pick cotton in a reenactment of slavery. The unidentified instructor teaches predominantly Black students in his social studies class in Rochester, New York. He has reportedly been placed on leave as the school district initiates an investigation, […]

Hip-hop promoter Bobby Bookings making major moves in the Midwest

Bobby Bookings has made a name for itself in Rochester, Minnesota, by being the city’s leading concert and event promoter. It played a pivotal role in bringing top hip-hop artists to the city. So when the hip-hop time machine landed locally, people wanted to know more about Bobby Bookings. Rolling out sat down with Robert […]

The hip-hop time machine has landed in Minnesota

Bobby Bookings Promotion is the top promotion company in Rochester, Minnesota and well-known for bringing legendary hip-hop artists to a city that would not typically be on people’s radar. On Saturday, April 23, the hip-top time machine landed in Rochester, Minnesota. The lineup included multiplatinum artists, the Ying Yang Twins, Yung Joc and J-Kwon. With […]

82-year-old bodybuilder sends home intruder to the hospital (video)

An 82-year-old bodybuilder has become an overnight national inspiration after she beat down a home intruder so badly he needed to be taken to the hospital. Willie Murphy answered the door to her Rochester, New York, home for an inebriated man, who supposedly was under duress. Murphy said she called the police but refused to […]

Meteorologist uses racial slur live on air (videos)

A television meteorologist is out of a job the day after uttering a racial slur during a live broadcast. During a WHEC weather forecast in Rochester, New York, on Friday which showed a live shot of the city’s Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park, Jeremy Kappell referred to it as “Martin Luther Coon King Jr. Park.” […]

Autistic Black teen attacked by White man claiming he was ‘scared’ for his wife

Chase Coleman, 15,  is a high school student-athlete with autism who was running a cross-country race for Corcoran High School in Rochester, New York, earlier this month. During the race, an unidentified White male stopped his car and pushed Coleman to the ground. According to witness statements, the man began yelling at Coleman to “Get […]

Independence Day was an Oxymoron for Frederick Douglass

On this Fourth of July, America celebrates its independence from England. What is often forgotten is that, even within the celebrated charter declaring “liberty and justice for all,” the nation did not extend the same rights to those who were here before them nor to those brought to these shores to work as slaves to […]