Jay Z, Rihanna, Don Cheadle remix ‘Run This Town’ for Thursday Night Football

Roc Nation boss Jay Z has signed on to recreate his Grammy award winning single “Run This Town” for the NFL.  Also on the song is Rihanna, who appeared on the original 2009 hit song, and Oscar nominated actor Don Cheadle will provide the intro. Hov and Rih will do vocals for the program’s opening sequence, and […]

Jay Z sued for illegal sample on ‘Run This Town’

Jay Z is being sued by a tiny record company that represents the late R&B artist Eddie Bo. Bo’s song was allegedly sampled for Hov’s 2009 Grammy-winning single “Run This Town”, which featured Rihanna and one of the song’s producers, Kanye West. The label, TufAmerica, has filed a copyright suit claiming Bo’s 1969 funk single […]

Health: Just do it already

“I decided that I was going to work out May 1, and I did,” says Janita Lloyd 55 pounds lighter, six months later. “My goal for the New Year is not to dwell on the 55 pounds that I lost last year, but to dwell on newer goals, like getting toned and work on other […]

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